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Become an NIL Donor for a Parent’s Hotel Room!

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We use NIL to support a hotel room for parents.
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NIL-Hotel Room

NIL-Hotel Room is our solution to a 50+-year-old problem for Pell Grant students on college campuses: There has always been limited opportunities for Pell Grant parents to see their kids on a college campus. At NIL Donor we cannot help all parents, but we can start to help as many as possible.

At NIL Donor, we believe a donation for a hotel room will greatly relieve parents who struggle to travel because of distance, food inflation, and high gas prices. NIL-Hotels is a product of NIL Donor that allows fans,alumni and donors to contribute to a hotel room for the parents of their favorite student or team for campus events. This allows students to have their parents come to campus events and games to support them, enabling fans and supporters to help these students that need some assistance. 

NIL-Hotels benefit the students who have economic conditions with his/her parents in which they cannot afford a hotel room to come to see their son or daughter on campus. You can find out more in our FAQs. 

“During recruiting they put us in a downtown hotel, and now we’re on our own- we had to get a hotel room 40 miles away. Makes it very difficult on us.” 

-BigTen Football Player Parent

Become an NIL Donor for a Parent’s Hotel Room

Parents Benefits

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Here are the potential benefits by NIL Donor Inc. that parents could receive through NIL transactions:

  1. This could enable more parents to attend their kids’ games and support them in their athletic endeavors.

  2. Endorsement Deals: Athletes can benefit from endorsement deals with local businesses or brands with NIL. Colleges could encourage these businesses to offer products to the families of athletes who endorse their brand. This could include gas cards and meal tickets with local fast-food brands.

  3. NIL Donor Hotel: For away games, alumni and fans could offer discounted hotel accommodations for student-athletes’ parents. NIL Donor hopes to include hotel rooms, making it easier and more affordable for parents to attend their kids’ games while playing on campus or out of town.

Using a non-profit to approach this issue of Name, Image, and Likeness will give underprivileged parents more opportunities to benefit from their child’s athletic career. By acknowledging their support and contributions to the NCAA structure, NIL Donor creates a more inclusive and supportive environment for athletes and their parents on today’s college campuses.

Donor Benefits

Donors benefit from their involvement in parental sponsorship through increased recognition and visibility for their goodwill or cause. Donors can demonstrate their commitment to fairness to parents in college athletics by supporting more athletes and their parents. With the increasing focus on Name, Image, and Likeness, donors have a unique opportunity to positively impact college athletes’ and parents’ lives and experiences.

Donors can also ensure that more athletes can access parental support by sponsoring hotel rooms for athletes’ parents. This can lower the financial burdens for families and allow athletes to focus on their performance as student-athletes.

Donors will benefit from the sense of a broader alum community and the engagement that comes with supporting college athletics. Working with alums, donors, and collectives can help create a more comprehensive and supportive environment for all athletes, regardless of sport or gender.

Donors have much to gain from partnering with athletes and their parents to promote fairness in parental hospitality in college athletics. By supporting hotel rooms for parents and advocating for greater involvement and opportunity, donors can make a meaningful impact on the lives of college athletes’ parents to see more games.

DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) Benefits

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NIL Donor encourages  representation and participation of diverse groups of people; therefore, the NIL-Hotel NIL program enables a new avenue for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), through unilateral gender, race, and socio-economic outreach. NIL Donor knows that regardless of the classification of competing division, selected sport, gender of the athlete, or any other DEI element, that ALL student-athletes should be represented and supported.  NIL-Hotels makes this not only possible but is at the heart of our NIL efforts.

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