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NIL Donor Inc’s FAQs will give you instant answers to all your questions regarding our solution to connect Parents of Student-Athletes with Alumni, Collectives, and Fans


A. An Impact Fund is like an account for charitable giving within NIL Donor Inc. It’s a tool that provides donors a chance to donate first for a tax deduction, then decide separately how they want to use that donation. Use for parents of one sport or across multiple teams.

Donors add money to their Impact Account and get a tax receipt from NIL Donor Inc. Then, they can take time and space to find athletes that match their interests and support their parents with a hotel room and or gas card. Donors sponsor the school, team, or athlete of their choice from their Impact Account. The Impact Account sends donors reminders monthly for those athletes that are signed up with hotel room requests. Donors can also donate with a group of friends or alumni to create a greater impact.

A Nil-Hotel Is Our Solution to A 50+ Year-Old Problem for All NCAA Athletes Parents!

Some College athletes face economic difficulties for their families to travel for their home or away game commitments, especially during times of a recession. NIL-Hotel network has provided a much-needed solution, giving NIL donors, fans, and alumni a chance to purchase a hotel room for NIL parents in support of their favorite teams and student-athletes. For up to five nights, NIL athletes can have comfort in knowing that they will be joined by their loved ones through the current economical struggles of NIL parents—provided by NIL DONOR NIL-Hotel. Not only does this give NIL student-athletes a feeling of security, it also allows donors, fans, and supporters to tangibly help NIL parents that are struggling financially to attend more home or away games.

Q: Is NIL Donor affiliated with any particular college/university/organization?

A: While most NIL organizations tend to be affiliated with a specific college/university…NIL Donor is not. We are a NIL solution provider that supports ALL colleges, universities, coaches, athletes and athletes’ families.  We provide access to NIL for all student-athletes. all gender, and all sports.

Q: What is NIL-Hotels?

A: NIL-Hotels is a product of NIL Donor that gives fans and supporters the opportunity to purchase a hotel room for the parent/guardian of their favorite student-athletes and teams for game events for up to 5 nights. This allows student-athletes to have their parents come to sporting events and games to support them, and it allows fans and supporters to help student-athletes that need assistance. NIL-Hotels benefits the student-athlete who has economic conditions with his/her parents in which they cannot afford a hotel stay to come to see their son or daughter play.

Q: What’s the process?

A: At NIL Donor, we try to make the process as simple and direct as possible. This helps to ensure not only transparency in the transaction but compliance standards as well.

  • Student Athlete indicates need – It begins as simply as a student athlete indicating they have a need for support for their parents. This can be accomplished through a simple checkbox in the Athlete’s NIL system.
  • Set/Equal Amount – Each hotel room night is set at an even increment of $250, which covers not only the room charge but deposit, insurance, occupancy taxes and fees.
  • Matchmaker – Sponsor / Donor indicates they would like to support a specific athlete, sport, or team. NIL Donor coordinates the support between the Sponsor and the Athlete.
  • Details / Documentation – NIL Donor received the name(s) of their parents utilizing the hotel room as well as a copy of identification for that individual
  • Quid Pro Quo – The Sponsor receives an NIL item from the Athlete at the same incremental value ($250) as their donation.

Q: How does this help athletes?

A: It’s common knowledge that many student athletes come from families with limited financial means. Many student athletes also attend schools that are a great distance from their homes. Due to this, the transition away from parents can be very hard. Any travel over 3 hours away is difficult for an athlete’s parents, as it requires an overnight commitment and added expenses. Sponsoring through NIL Donor allows donors to take care of hotel expenses for a student-athlete parents or guardian so they can attend a game to cheer them on in competition. This is our solution to a 50+ year-old problem.

Q: How does this help my college/university/school?

A: NIL Donor developed our solutions through the perspective of coaches, players and parents. Coordinating and assisting with athlete parents travel has typically fallen on a team’s coaching staff and their departments. This time and associated expenses can now be handled through NIL Donor, allowing those staff to stay focused on their team and players’ needs. Our solution allows alumni, coaches, team leaders, and friends of the university to build campaigns from $1,500 to $2,000,000.00 using our platform technology.

Q: How does this benefit me as a donor/sponsor?

A: Many donors have had some issues with just contributing to a fund or not really being able to see how their donation has been used. With NIL Donor, you can directly support a specific athlete, a team, a sport or a whole athletic department. Your donation also directly covers an expense that strengthens coaches’ relationships with not only their players, but families.

Q: How does this benefit an existing NIL Collective?

A: Most NIL Collectives were created at a rapid pace with the core focus on securing as many large donations as possible. The challenge for collectives has been the lack of “product(s).” NIL Donor provides a far more tangible product for donors/sponsors that also expands the prospective donor pool, since we can engage donors with as little as $250.

Q: How can NCAA Student Athletes opt-in to NIL Donor licensing agreements?

A: Starting November 5th, College Athletes on Men’s or Women’s NCAA Basketball Teams registered with the NIL Donor database can opt into their group licensing agreements and participate. STUDENT REGISTER HERE

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to benefit from NIL Donor licensing agreements?

A: For NCAA Athletes to benefit from NIL Donor Group Licensing Agreements, they must be registered in the NIL Donor database, enrolled in an NCAA institution, academically eligible, and meet all of the school’s code of conduct requirements. NOTE: International student athletes on an I-20 visa are not eligible to receive payment at this time.

Q: Why does the College Athlete have to self-report their Group Licensing Agreement with their NCAA Institution?

A: Because of the different laws in each State and each NCAA Institution, the NCAA Athlete will need to take full responsibility for self-reporting all of their NIL agreements, including Group Licensing Agreements with their school.

Q: Does NIL Donor offer individual athlete contracts?

A: Yes! Our Contracts do not restrict or interfere with Individual Athletes’ ability to sign other NIL deals outside of the NIL Donor Group Licensing Agreement.

Q: How do you assure this is compliant and does not get the athlete or school in trouble?

A: NIL Donor provides a consistent legal contract for payment and tax withholding to student-athletes. Our $250 increment is intentional in that it is a widely accepted minimum value for an athlete’s likeness (I.e., Photo, Signature). Since NIL Donor transactions are separate from the school’s Booster or other athletic fundraising organizations, there is a clear separation of funds specifically for the benefit of the athlete and their parents.

Q: Why does the College Athlete have to self-report their Group Licensing Agreement with their NCAA Institution?

A: Because of the different laws in each State and each NCAA Institution, the NCAA Athlete will need to take full responsibility for self-reporting all of their NIL agreements, including Group Licensing Agreements with their school.

Q: Why should I sponsor?

A: A hotel reservation benefits any student-athlete where economic conditions and or distance from home present travel obstacles for a student-athlete’s parents. The room reservation is specific to coming to a campus community to watch their son or daughter play a game. The game can be either at home or away. We believe that sponsoring a hotel reservation will deliver great satisfaction, and school loyalty, with families who struggle to travel to watch their son or daughter play. This is our solution to a 50+ year old NCAA problem for athletes’ families to attend more games.

Q: How do I offer a contract to an NCAA team or Individual Athlete at a school?

A: To offer a contract and support your favorite NCAA Team or Player at NILDonor.org, You must first register here, allowing you to select your school, then you may choose the Men’s or Women’s team OR Individual Student Athlete you want to support. Finally, agree to our Terms of Service and you’re on your way!

Q: What’s the minimum amount I can donate/sponsor?

A: While many donors/sponsors tend to commit larger amounts (from $10,000 to Millions), NIL Donor allows smaller donors to directly aid athletes with as little as $250. Many of our smaller donors commit to a $1500 sponsorship to cover travel expenses for multiple games for an athlete. If you’re a larger donor, you can even customize your donation by requesting a custom solution with our concierge helpdesk.

Q: What are the Levels of Commitment?

A: There are four levels of Commitment to your Team or Athlete:

  • NIL-Hotel Rooms
  • Monthly payments
  • One-time payment
  • Custom Payment only through our HelpDesk

NIL-Hotel room reservations are limited due to high market rates during football weekends, this request can only be made through our HelpDesk at the market rate. We suggest these room reservations be requested immediately for all football games!

Q: How is this different than just donating to an NIL collective?

A: NIL Collectives serve to aid athletic departments in securing additional financial support that cannot directly be donated to a college / university. With that said, the challenge for NIL Collectives has been in the lack of product(s) that support the “needs,” not just wants, of an athlete. NIL Donor allows a donor/sponsor to directly support an athlete or team in a way that is rarely this tangible. Sponsor donations through NIL Donor allow an athlete’s parents to watch and support their athlete in person (instead of just watching their child on TV).

Q: Does this meet Diversity / Equity / Inclusion (DEI) Requirements?

A: Yes! Many corporations have difficulty meeting newly enacted DEI requirements. NIL Donor provides a unique solution, through NIL, to support athletes across the full spectrum: ALL SPORTS – Both Men’s and Women’s, both Revenue and Non-Revenue generating. Corporations can support an entire athletic department with tangible documentation regarding what was delivered for their specific donation.

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